Thursday, 27 November 2014

Here’s How To Effectively Harvest your Potatoes

Potatoes take around 80-120 days to get ready for pickings. And if you’re seeing those yellow vines and browning it should be your actual clue that they are ready. 

Potatoes can be plucked by hands or by use of a shovel. You can also use a harvester if the field is immense and the job is too much for human hands. But in case you decide to use manual tools, go for pitchfork.

By Tools
·         When harvesting the plants manually using a tool, keep the instrument a few inches apart from the row.
·         Start digging at a vertical angle. Next, lean on the tool to uncover the plant safely.

·         Get all the potatoes the same way, or as much as you like.

By Hands
·         If the task is manageable by hands, then slide your hand inside the field up to the palm.
·         Run your hand in 5 inches diameter to check if you’ve picked them up cleanly. 

·         Clear the tubers as they may interfere with the crops next season and hamper the efficient growth.
The prerequisite for efficient farming is a sunny morning. Other helpful tips include brushing the dirt and leaving potatoes in the sun to dry them off. 

Note that potatoes can be preserved by leaving them underground. If you do not need all of those potatoes, leave them underground and come back later when you do.

Whatever you do, do not pick them too early or you’ll get those fingerling potatoes.

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