Friday, 24 October 2014

Why Do People Prefer Organic Foods?

We've seen a recent turn in consumption trends. People of 21st century are more inclined towards natural items. Be it natural soap or natural food, as long as it has the label 'organic' over it, it has their attention.

So why this sudden shift?

A study was conducted to gain insight to this burning question and the results were following:

The result is as follows (in descending order of responses):

  • Most people (nearly 60 percent) do not want chemicals on their plate. they want to keep it safe.
  • Around 54 percent feel it supports local farmers.
  • More than 37 percent of people believe organic food to be more nutritious.
  • Nearly 36 percent found it tastier than conventionally grown food.
  • 22.22 percent said it protects water quality.
  • 14.8 percent feel it reduces traces of carbon.
  •  Around 9 percent feel it is convenient.
Experts are currently studying to what extent these beliefs hold true. For now, people will continue to pay the premium for food labeled organic.

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