Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Holland Tractors for Sale

New Holland Tractors is an agricultural giant. It is part of Fiat group. The original company, founded in New Holland in 1895 was acquired by Sperry Co. in 1970s and by Ford in ’86, ultimately by Fiat and CNH.

Since the 2013 merger, the tractors are being produced by CNH Industrial. The agricultural division of New Holland also produces combine harvesters, forage harvesters, sprayers, balers, haying accessories, and farm implements. However their tractors top the list of demanded products.

Recently, New Holland’s groundbreaking innovations have granted New Holland awards in innovation and designs. One of the revolutionary innovations of New Holland Tractors include NH2, a hydrogen powered tractor that can be refilled with renewable sources. 

Some of the most famous tractor models of New Holland include NH 480, New Holland 55-56, NH 70-56 TD 95 s, NH 6610, NH 8340and NH 8970.

New Holland’s list of award include at least 5 “Silver medals for Innovation” from German Agricultural Society, 6 AE50 awards for “Engineering Innovation” from ASABE(USA) and a “Silver medal for technical innovation” from France.

Other innovations of New Holland include ABS Super Steer System, Intellifil and Opti Fan System among others. 

Owing to the success of the brand, the company’s tractors are demanded all over the world and hence the New Holland, Pennsylvania only serves as North American HQ now. The administrative HQ of New Holland Agricultures is in Turin, Italy owing to strategic distribution policy.

New Holland has a chain of licensed distributors which make the tractors available in every corner of the world. Farmers searching for New Holland Tractors for sale can look for nearest distributor or search online for best New Holland Tractor suppliers.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Top 5 Fiat New Holland Models By Aeco Tractor Parts

Number 5:

Fiat New Holland Tractor – NH 640 

Number 4:

Fiat New Holland Tractor – NH 70-56 

Number 3:

Fiat New Holland Tractor – NH 6610 

Number 2:


Fiat New Holland Tractor – NH 8430

Number 1:

Fiat New Holland Tractor – NH 8970 

FIAT New Holland – A Reliable Name in Tractors

When we talk agriculture, New Holland is the first name that strikes out mind and why not – these tractors have slowly gained control over the market and the mind of a farmer. Along with John Deere and Massey Ferguson, this is the name which has captured the attention of not only famers, but the traders and exporters as well. 

FIAT tractors are durable, being able to do sturdiest farming tasks like plowing, ridging and seeding.  In addition to more than dozens of different agricultural uses, New Holland Tractors are also apt for travelling and transportation.

The quality and price offered by NH tractors has also played a role in increasing its loyal customer base. Additionally, what has made farmers seek New Holland machines more is the fact their tractors and accessories are being distributed by licensed distributors – so whenever a famer makes the purchase of FIAT New Holland Tractor, he knows he is getting the original thing and the right equipment that is long lasting and value-providing.

If you are looking for such a dealer, you can simply log onto the internet for reliable dealers. Just search for new Holland tractors for sale and see what comes up. Do some research and eventually, you will get a reliable dealer for New Holland Tractors.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fiat New Holland - Leading Brand Offering Leading Tractors

FIAT is the brand name which has made its place in the world of agriculture, tractors and farm implements. New Holland tractors for sale are in great and best condition if offered both brand new and used. Brand new tractors are manufactured by the best of the best engineers and technicians who - from very close eyes - see and inspect each and every part that is being fit or is tightened. From a single screw to a major part that has to be fit is closely observed and checked thrice to make sure no problem or faults occur.

New Holland produces the most reliable and durable tractors, farm implements and accessories that can be used in tough and rigid conditions with no damage to the machines or the operator. New Holland Company belongs from USA the most famous country of the world for credible products, machines and cars. New Holland tractors are huge and very powerful with an excellent speed and growth rate towards the success of their products. New Holland is all the way a successful brand when it comes to agriculture.

When we compare New Holland tractors and farm implements from other brand like john deer, Massey Ferguson or any Chinese brands, New Holland tops the list without any opposition. Though the Chinese brands must have been cheaper and lighter but they are not at all reliable or trustworthy when it comes to hard hitting ground and land of the farm which needs aggressive farming techniques. The Chinese tractors simply cannot last. New Holland tractors can be bought without any hesitation and should be purchased with full confidence. When New Holland tractors are bought they provide definite satisfaction to their end users.

Whenever you plan to purchase New Holland machineries or products, make sure that you purchase them from a very reliable and credible supplier just to ensure that you get what you planned or paid for not being cheated by any thug or letting it make a fool of you. In this regards, AECO Export Company are the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers of FIAT New Holland tractors.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Corn Farming

Safety of Used and New Holland Tractors

When it comes to farming tractors, some prefer old ones while some settle for nothing less than brand new. Like any other expensive item, it depends on the choice and the financial standing of a farmer. But whatever he chooses, one thing remains the same – and that is safety.

Tractor has removed the biggest hurdles from a farmer’s path but the same has also caused some safety issues over the years. In olden days, the steam tractor would just go boom on the farmer. Although this is not the problem anymore, a farmer must make sure that he, his family, employees, livestock and the crops all are safe and that the tractor is in solid condition.

Regardless of whether it is you who will drive the big machine or someone else; you must be confident that the one sitting in the driver’s seat is more than capable of it. The first rule is to never let an unqualified person drive. 

It is also worth mentioning that even if your New Holland Tractor is used, it must not be defected. In case the farmer is unsure, it is best to contact with vendor or refer to guide/ manual.   

And just like it is advised not to drive while intoxicated, it is also stressed the farmer completely abstains from driving a tractor while he is under the influence of alcohol or medicine. The driver must be physically and mentally competent once again. 

Remember, used and New Holland Tractors may matter, but what matters more, is that the user must be capable of using a tractor on any terrain in any situation.