Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Safety of Used and New Holland Tractors

When it comes to farming tractors, some prefer old ones while some settle for nothing less than brand new. Like any other expensive item, it depends on the choice and the financial standing of a farmer. But whatever he chooses, one thing remains the same – and that is safety.

Tractor has removed the biggest hurdles from a farmer’s path but the same has also caused some safety issues over the years. In olden days, the steam tractor would just go boom on the farmer. Although this is not the problem anymore, a farmer must make sure that he, his family, employees, livestock and the crops all are safe and that the tractor is in solid condition.

Regardless of whether it is you who will drive the big machine or someone else; you must be confident that the one sitting in the driver’s seat is more than capable of it. The first rule is to never let an unqualified person drive. 

It is also worth mentioning that even if your New Holland Tractor is used, it must not be defected. In case the farmer is unsure, it is best to contact with vendor or refer to guide/ manual.   

And just like it is advised not to drive while intoxicated, it is also stressed the farmer completely abstains from driving a tractor while he is under the influence of alcohol or medicine. The driver must be physically and mentally competent once again. 

Remember, used and New Holland Tractors may matter, but what matters more, is that the user must be capable of using a tractor on any terrain in any situation.

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